what do you think about this “””red sparrow””” movie? seems like a cheap black widow rip-off…. with j-law…. i mean, who asked?

I hadn’t heard a thing about it until I received this ask, so I had to give it a google. It does appear to have a number of similarities, at least if this first trailer is anything to go by. Per The A.V. Club: 

Jennifer Lawrence goes Black Widow in the first Red Sparrow trailer

Marvel is really dragging its feet on giving Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow her own movie, so 20th Century Fox and director Francis Lawrence have decided to just beat Marvel to it with Red Sparrow. This trailer doesn’t offer a ton of information about the film, but what’s here is so reminiscent of Marvel’s super spy that this might as well be a Black Widow movie with the serial numbers filed off. Jennifer Lawrence plays a mysterious assassin who was trained as a ballerina and recruited into a Russian murder school, and eventually she rebels and tries to take back control of her own life. All that’s missing is a cameo from Stan Lee and a post-credits stinger. 

io9 noticed too: 

Red Sparrow Looks Like The Black Widow Movie We’ve Been Waiting For Forever

This is what happens when you take too long. Someone beats you to the punch.

Directed by Francis Lawrence, Red Sparrow has Jennifer Lawrence playing Dominika Egorova, a former ballerina who submits to training in a secret spy program. The film is based on a book by Jason Matthews but, if you know the Black Widow’s comics history, you can’t help but be reminded of the Avengers’ femme fatale while this trailer rolls.

The classical dance background, a hidden intelligence operation that turns young women into killers, and the tense rivalry with American espionage operatives… these are all elements that are part of the Black Widow mythos. They could still show up if/when a Black Widow movie ever happens but now those ingredients will have the whiff of deja vu around them.

The book was released in 2013, so it’s not as if it preceded either the comic book or movie version of Natasha. That said, I’m rooting for this one, although I have to admit it’s largely due to the chance it would give me to neener-neener in Marvel’s general direction, as they appear to have completely given up on even pretending to entertain the idea of a Black Widow film.